Following the warnings received from private parties and institutions over the last few weeks, Valsé Pantellini Foundation is compelled to express its total dissociation from any claimed organisation, company or entity posing as our partner, representative or affiliate using any mean, media or tool.

In addition, it is necessary to highlight this is the only official and authorised website for Valsé Pantellini Foundation. We have identified unfair practices that illegitimately and illegally use the name of Professor Gianfrancesco Valsé Pantellini and the Foundation, using homonyms, plagiarism or the unauthorised use of symbols, signs or images, to mislead users of the services provided by the Foundation and also the general public, or exploit our name and reputation for their own profit. Consequently, legal actions are being taken in order to obtain the closure or blocking of these websites.

The aim and purpose of this website is to explain why Potassium ascorbate and Ribose have become our weapons in the fight against degenerative diseases. In particular we would like to explain how these substances try to directly attack, even in the most compromised and difficult situations, the physiological cause, which in our view triggers these diseases.

We do not promise miracles on this site, nor do we think to hold the truth. We simply present our knowledge, our ‘working hypothesis’ (supported by facts, data and scientific research), our beliefs and experiences and our key to understanding the problem, being open for discussion and constructive criticism. We are convinced that science can only make progress by overcoming ‘obtuseness’ and ‘alleged truths’, and by seeking to cooperate, compare and share scientific data and human experiences.

We are deeply convinced that there is no such thing as an ‘official science’ and an ‘alternative science’. In fact, science is either just science, or it is something not worthy of being taken into consideration.

Furthermore, with this website we would like to honor both the person and the scientific activity of Dr. Gianfrancesco Valsè Pantellini, biochemist in Florence, Italy, who discovered the healing qualities of Potassium ascorbate against cancer and degenerative diseases.

His warm-heartedness, scientific curiosity, wit and ingenuity, moral stature and rigorous scientific and human ethics have in fact been a great example on which we built and will continue to build the Valsè Pantellini Foundation’s activities.

We do not make miracles. We just try to find new ways to attack degenerative diseases; to find solutions that respect those who make use of them.